When it comes to vinyl gates, we start with good heavy-wall vinyl fence extrusions. Instead of using gate sockets, we rout out the uprights so that the rails fit snug with no gap. We square the gate and finish it with a piece of u-channel on each side. Finally, we double pop-rivet each corner of the gate to ensure that there is no deflection.

There are a few ways to prevent a vinyl gate from sagging:

  1. Use a heavier duty gate frame: A gate with a thicker, heavier duty frame will be less prone to sagging over time.
  2. Install additional support: You can add additional support to the gate by installing diagonal braces or a center support bar.
  3. Use self-closing hinges: Self-closing hinges will help keep the gate properly aligned and prevent it from sagging.
  4. Regular maintenance: Keep the hinges lubricated and make sure the gate is properly adjusted to ensure it stays aligned.
  5. Use a stronger vinyl material: If you’re concerned about sagging, consider choosing a vinyl gate made from a higher quality, thicker vinyl material. This will be more resistant to sagging and other types of damage.

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