When comparing vinyl fencing to wood fencing, there are certainly quite a few differences. In almost every aspect, vinyl fences end up finishing ahead in the game. There is one myth in particular that claims that vinyl fencing is more expensive than wood fencing. But over the long haul, that myth is disproven time and time again. Let’s take a look at how vinyl fencing compares to wood fencing when it comes down to costs.

The Initial Cost of Fence Materials

The costs of superior quality vinyl fencing material and components are usually a bit more expensive than most wood fence materials. However, high quality wood is getting more and more expensive all the time. As this price increase in wood continues to occur, the differences in initial cost of fencing materials is getting closer and closer to becoming completely nonexistent.

Vinyl vs. Wood: Wood wins (barely).

The Costs of Fencing Installation

The overall installation of vinyl and wooden fencing is mostly comparable. Both need the same amount of proper post hole and concrete prep work. Both require a precise attention to detail for a quality installation. But because vinyl fencing panels come pre-assembled most of the time, vinyl has the advantage there – there’s just not all of the sawing and custom fitting required with vinyl that there is with wood.

Vinyl vs. Wood: Vinyl fencing is easier to install than wood, saving on time and labor costs.

The Costs of  Fence Maintenance

When it comes to maintaining a fence, vinyl fencing simply needs a quick hose rinsing every now and then to wash away the loose dust and dirt. Compare this to wood fencing that needs to be frequently pressure washed, sealed, scraped, wire-brushed, stained, and painted. The costs associated with the maintenance of wood fencing are truly substantial.

Vinyl vs. Wood: It’s not even close… vinyl finishes way ahead!

Fencing Replacement Costs

Vinyl fencing is simply designed to outlive wood fencing. In fact, most quality vinyl fencing even comes with a minimum 20 year warranty. The warranty for wood is usually nonexistent. Because wood is a naturally decaying material, even treated wood ends up rotten eventually. It’s just more susceptible to the harsh outdoor environment than PVC fencing material.

Vinyl vs. Wood: Vinyl wins once again

While a wood fence might appear cheaper in the beginning, after just a year or two, any difference in costs when compared to vinyl fencing is quickly erased. The bottom line? Over the long haul, the costs are barely even comparable – vinyl fencing is clearly much less expensive than wood over the life of the product!

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