Between every vinyl fencing panel or section, a post is required. Most vinyl fence companies will sell each post separately and in 5 different varieties:

  • Corner Posts – These posts have mounts on two adjacent sides of the post in order to attach two fence panels with a 90 degree angle corner.
  • Line Posts – This type of vinyl fence post allows mounting on opposite sides of the post, for connecting between two fence panels one-after-another in a typical straight fence line situation.
  • End Posts – Every fence must start and stop somewhere, and this is what the end post is for. Allowing mounting on just one side of the post, end posts are designed to start or terminate the fence at the chosen point.
  • 3 Way Posts – T like configuration that allows your fence to connect in multiple areas.
  • Blank Posts – Typically used for vinyl gate installation or a free standing post.

Vinyl fence posts are about a third longer than the fence sections themselves to enable deep, secure mounting in the ground. Also be sure to include the extra post length when measuring your fence. For example, for fence posts that are 5″ x 5″, add an additional 2.5″ on each end.

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