Yes. The most common color of vinyl fence is of course white, but you can also find vinyl fence in almond/tan, grey and more recently vinyl fences are being extruded in various wood like colors to emulate the look of traditional wood grain fencing but with the superior properties of a vinyl fence.

Many manufacturers offer a variety of solid colors, as well as multi-colored options that mimic the look of natural wood. Some vinyl fences even have a wood grain texture to enhance their realism. The color of your vinyl fence is typically achieved through the use of pigment additives in the vinyl during the manufacturing process, so the color is consistent throughout the fence material. This means that the color of your vinyl fence will not fade or peel over time, unlike wood or metal fences that may require painting or staining to maintain their appearance.

Recent innovations have allowed vinyl fence manufacturers to create vinyl fence in an array of colors. Take a look at the Grand Illusions Series by Illusions fence.

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