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Can a vinyl fence be painted?

One of the benefits of vinyl fence is that unlike traditional wood fence, it does not require painting or staining. If you choose to paint it, use an epoxy based paint in order that it will adhere to... Read More

What are the types of extrusions used in the production of vinyl fence?

Two types of extrusion processes have typically been used in the production of all types of vinyl extruded products such as siding, window frames, pipes and fence products: Monolayer and... Read More

What is Monolayer Extrusion?

A single extruder is used to form the preferred shape of a profile. Since this is a single layer extrusion, the formulation characteristics are uniformly dispersed throughout the overall thickness of... Read More

What is Co-Extrusion?

Co-Extrusion is a more recent advancement in extrusion technology which brings 2 layers of PVC into play: The outer layer, or Cap Stock, contains a denser concentration of UV inhibitors. ASTM’s... Read More

What is Co-Extrusion with Regrind?

Some manufacturers purchase recycled plastics (regrind) for use in the substrate of their extruded profiles, mainly to reduce costs. The manufacturer may try to establish standards in terms of the... Read More

What is Titanium Dioxide (TiO2)?

Titanium dioxide is the ultraviolet (UV) inhibitor used in the manufacturing of Vinyl products like fence, railing, and... Read More

Vinyl Fence Co-Extrusion vs Mono Extrusion

Co-extrusion and mono-extrusion are the processes normally used in the production of all types of PVC/Vinyl Fence. The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) has specifications for each... Read More

What is vinyl fence fabrication?

A fence fabricator cuts the PVC/Vinyl to the proper length for the design of fence required. The fabricator routes holes into the posts & rails, so that pickets can be inserted into them. Once... Read More

What is Virgin Vinyl?

This is a term used for a vinyl product that does not contain recycled materials (regrind). These recycled materials may contain impurities or lower grade vinyl which can seriously affect the... Read More
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