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How Deep Do Vinyl Fence Posts Need To Be In The Ground?

As a general rule, PVC fence posts perform best when they are 30 inches long. Anything less depends on extraneous elements like installation specifications and manufacturer design. Post holes should... Read More

How do I prevent fence post caps from coming loose?

The first step to installing vinyl fence post caps so they stay securely attached for the life of the fence is to prepare the surface for good adhesion before doing anything else. Be sure to wipe... Read More

How do I mount a vinyl fence post?

Mounting a vinyl fence post is just about the most difficult step of installing a vinyl fence. It’s also one of the most important – if the posts aren’t plumb and correctly measured, other... Read More

Can I install vinyl fencing on a slope?

Yes, a vinyl fence can be installed on sloping ground. The proper way to accomplish this is to use a “stair-step” installation process. This means that each fence panel assembly section will be... Read More

Do I need a permit to install a vinyl fence?

This depends on your locality, but the answer is almost always yes. When it comes to installing fences, most places do have their own specific rules regarding how close to a property line it can be... Read More

7 Steps to Maintaining A Vinyl Fence – Maintenance

We all know that one of the best things about a vinyl fence is that it’s practically maintenance free. But to really make your vinyl fencing brilliantly shine like new and keep it looking like it... Read More

How do I select a fence company or fence contractor?

Here are a few questions to ask a prospective fence contractor/company. Ask how long they have been in business. Are they well established? Ask to see if they are members of the Better Business... Read More

Vinyl Fencing vs. Wood Fencing – Long Term Costs

When comparing vinyl fencing to wood fencing, there are certainly quite a few differences. In almost every aspect, vinyl fences end up finishing ahead in the game. There is one myth in particular... Read More

Can I get a matching vinyl gate to go along with my fence?

Don’t forget about fence gates! Vinyl fence gates are designed to be super easy to install and use. Most preassembled gates include the necessary extra heavy duty posts and all required hardware... Read More

What are vinyl post caps?

To finish off the attractive look of vinyl fencing, decorative post caps are required to top each fence post along the line. Oftentimes, one decorative vinyl post cap will be included with each... Read More

What is the wall thickness of a vinyl fence?

Wall thickness on a vinyl fence refers to the thickness of the PVC. To accurately compare vinyl fence products, the wall thickness of the fence and the posts must be determined. So essentially, when... Read More

What types of Vinyl Fence Posts are available?

Between every vinyl fencing panel or section, a post is required. Most vinyl fence companies will sell each post separately and in 5 different varieties: Corner Posts - These posts have mounts on... Read More

What are the typical sizes of Vinyl Fence Panels?

Vinyl fence panels are the sections of a vinyl fence that have already been pre-assembled via a tongue and groove design. Their dimensions will vary, depending on the style and size of fencing being... Read More

Should a prospective fence company carry insurance coverage?

They should. Reputable fence companies will carry insurance to protect themselves and protect you when they are working on your property. If the company you are considering hiring does not carry... Read More

Should concrete be used when installing a fence?

Typically it should. The only exception is that in certain tropical climates wood fence posts should not have concrete used because the moisture from the concrete will rot the posts faster than the... Read More

How long is the typical warranty for a vinyl fence?

Warranties differ depending on the extruder but most warranties are at least 20 years. The best products carry warranties that are transferable life time warranties. Also, it is important to note... Read More

What are the benefits of a vinyl fence?

Vinyl fence offers a low maintenance alternative to the traditional wood privacy fence. Because vinyl fence is a synthetic product made from resin, it will not warp, chip, bend, crack or discolor... Read More

What should I use to clean my vinyl fence?

Most extruders suggest using mineral spirits for the best result when cleaning vinyl fence. Soap and water and other household cleaners can also be used, just make that whatever product you are using... Read More

Will aluminum fence rust like a wrought iron fence?

No. Many people use the term wrought iron fence and aluminum fence interchangeably but the reality is that there are very few wrought iron fences being fabricated today. The primary reason is because... Read More

What should be done to make a fence pool code compliant?

There are several requirements that must be met to make a fence pool compliant with the pool code subsection of the Florida Building Code. The code is too lengthy to go in detail here but suffice it... Read More

How do you prevent a vinyl gate from sagging?

When it comes to vinyl gates, we start with good heavy-wall vinyl fence extrusions. Instead of using gate sockets, we rout out the uprights so that the rails fit snug with no gap. We square the gate... Read More

Does vinyl fence come in more than one color?

Yes. The most common color of vinyl fence is of course white, but you can also find vinyl fence in almond/tan, grey and more recently vinyl fences are being extruded in various wood like colors to... Read More

Is vinyl fence safe?

Yes. Because there are no protruding nails, screws or other fasteners and because there are no splinters or sharp edges, vinyl fence is much safer than wood fence for children and... Read More

Is vinyl fence more expensive than wood fence?

Yes, the initial cost of a vinyl fence is generally more expensive than a wood fence. However, over time the cost of vinyl fence becomes less than a wood fence. Industry publications indicate that... Read More

Will a vinyl fence lose its color?

No. Reputable vinyl extruders include Titanium Dioxide (TiO2), which is an ultraviolet inhibitor, in their vinyl fence extrusions in order to combat the discoloring effects of the suns rays. A... Read More
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